About me

Hey! Welcome to my site! Please take a seat and enjoy reading my too ordinary story.
Because we were forbidden by our parents to talk to strangers, I want to introduce myself.

Who am I?


  • like every woman: not a flawless one
  • born in a family whose members are overweight (most of them)

When I was 12, people thought that I was my mother’s sister because I was too fat that I seemed to be older than I was. Each time I was away for holydays, I gained a lot of weight. Once I gained 10kg in just 1 month because I was lonely and so far away from my crush. And my only hobby was eating.

  • not a doctor
  • psychology and sociology’s fan, but above all of that a science junkie
  • tired of hearing and seeing women hurt themselves with intense dieting or intense workout just to be accepted by everyone else or to fit in this society
  • can’t stand anymore just simply watching those women and do nothing because of fear to be injured

Who do I target?

  • If you already tried a ton of diets but have lose faith on yourself because you have failed again and again;
  • If you strongly workout every day, sometimes more than 1 hour a day, but fail to lose weight;
  • If you already tried a lot of slimming tea, detox juice, slimming soap, wraps, slimming oil, girdle, slimming massage, … but didn’t lose weight;
  • If you tried a diet and lost weight but regain all of it (perhaps more) after some years later;
  • If you don’t like sport or have no time to workout;
  • If you don’t like doing abs workout or running like me;
  • If your family or your husband said that you gained weight or said that you are fat;

then you are meant to be here!

What will you see in this site?

  • The reasons why you are fat (mistakes and habits we usually do daily): just get rid of them and you won’t gain weight anymore otherwise you won’t lose weight;
  • The foundation of how to lose weight.

How can you talk to me for more informations?

I don’t own a fitness center, I don’t sell slimming tea, detox juice, slimming soap, slimming oil, girdle, or wraps. All I can do is to advise you. Contact me here for more information.

How can I help you?

I just need to talk to you. Talking can resolve any problem. You have time to binge eating or crying so we have time to talk to each other.