Hot to get a slimmer face and get rid of your double chin once and for all?

Do you want a slimmer face? Do you want to get rid of your double chin? Then take a seat and be my guest.

Firt of all: You can’t sport reduce! You can’t just slim your face down whatever you do if you don’t reduce the fat of your entire body by sliming down. So this method is meant to help you, but if you think that this method alone, without anything else combined with it, would make your face look thinner, then you will be desapointed.

Now, we can start!

You will need:

  • A chinese spoon made of porcelainnot metal, not plastic, not wood. Because porcelain won’t damage your skin.
  • Some oil or cream for your face so it won’t be too dry, so no frying oil or motor oil, and rubbing it would damage your skin’s face. Use any kind of oil or cream that go well with your skin’s face, so you won’t have any problem.
  • A bucket A cup of hot water. A cup of hot tea or hot coffee is OK, or a cup of hot milk.
  • A clean faceno makeup – because you will rub your face. If there is some kind of dirt in your skin’s face, it would get in your pores during the massage.
  • Clean hands for the same reason above.
  • Time10 minutes maximum – otherwise your face would be red and your skin would swell.

Gather all those “materials” and let’s get started!

How to slim down your face

1/ Begin by applying some cream or oil on your clean face with your clean hands

Never rub your face when it’s too dry because it will damage your skin.

2/ Rub your oiled face with the clean chinese spoon as seen on the video below.

Be gentle so you won’t hurt your skin. And be sure to not move the spoon back and forth when you rub your skin. Move the spoon just in one direction :out of your face.

3/ Rubbing your oiled face with your clean hands. – optional

Again, be gentle! It’s your face, not a really dirty floor!

4/ Finish the massage by pulling your ears.

It will help your blood flowing all on your face.

5/ Wash your face and your hands to get rid of the cream or oil. – optional

Personnaly, I don’t like feeling too oily when I go out because at Madagascar witches oiled their body before going out at night and dance on graves.  And when I have oily face, I can feel my skin being fried by the sun. I don’t think that a crispy face – like a beacon – is beautiful.

And … there you go!

I’ve almost forgotten : You can do this every day of every week. But please do this in the morning, before anything else because your pores are open at that time of the day. And it will relax you before you get to this stressing and rythmic life.


This video and this article are the results of my own personnal experiences. That method worked for me. But, if you try or do this by your own, be sure to ask a specialist before any attempt. And be sure to use the right cream or oil for your skin so you won’t have any problem. And please be sure to rub your skin gently and not exceed 10 minutes every day.

Thanks for watching and reading. It was a pleasure for me to share that with you.

Was my nose clean or did you seen some snot?

With love


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